Acrylic Medals Are An Excellent Option For Your Next Event

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What good is a win if you don't have anything to show for it? Whether it's an office competition, a youth sports match or any other competitive match, a custom medal is a great way to celebrate the winner and give them something to show off. Have you considered acrylic medals for your event? Learn more about what acrylic medals are and why they make such a great choice.

Acrylic Medals

Acrylic is a highly durable form of plastic, but in terms of its look, its appearance is very similar to glass. To form medals, the acrylic material is shaped using laser cut technology, which creates a clean and precise cut and allows the material to be shaped into any custom design.


Here are some of the benefits you can expect from acrylic medals.

Long Lasting

Acrylic might look like glass, but when it comes to its durability, there is no comparison between the two materials. If an acrylic medal were to fall onto a table or countertop, it's a good chance you would retrieve the medal still in good condition. With mishaps being inevitable at one point or another, a material that is long lasting is always a good thing.  


Even with its durability, acrylic is still a lightweight material, which is a quality that makes it especially versatile. For instance, if you wanted to design a medal that you could attach to a ribbon, acrylic is lightweight enough that it could be supported by the ribbon and not cause any discomfort when worn around the neck. 

Color Options

Another great thing about this material option is the fact that it can be dyed, which can create an especially customized look. Even more helpful is the fact that you can dye portions of the acrylic medal. For instance, if you wanted a medal designed with the image of a landscape, you dye a portion of the medal green for the grass, another area blue for the sky, and so on. This really helps you to customize the metal to match the theme of your event or competition.


With all its great qualities, acrylic medals are still relatively cost-efficient, which can primarily be attributed to the fact that it is a plastic material. When it comes to a large event where you need to produce a high volume of medals, using acrylic material is an excellent way to control cost for both yourself and the people that attend the event. 

Acrylic medals offer a great deal when it comes to their design since they can be fashioned in just about any style you desire. Speak with a custom award medal designer to discuss your plans and bring your vision to life.