Keys to Investing in Maintenance Ladders for Utility-Transport Helicopters

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If your operations involve utility-transport helicopters, then you'll need to invest in quality maintenance tooling. Then you'll have an easier time keeping these helicopters primed for important operations. If you're investing in maintenance ladders in particular as to reach these helicopters safely, take these actions.

Review the Height of Your Helicopters

You first need to review the height of your utility-transport helicopters because then you'll know exactly how tall your maintenance ladder needs to be. If you have specs on your helicopter, you can easily find out this dimension. If not, then you may want to take measurements yourself.

Once you're certain of how tall these helicopters are, you can focus on the right maintenance ladders that reach up high enough to help you perform helicopter maintenance in an effective, safe manner each time. You won't have to purchase another ladder system or have it adjusted later on.

Make Sure Wheels Are Reliable

In order to conveniently move a maintenance ladder around utility-transport helicopters, you need to make sure the wheels on the bottom of it are reliable. Then you won't have trouble getting this ladder around the right area of your utility-transport helicopter.

The wheels need to be designed for the particular environment that you'll be using this maintenance equipment around. For instance, if you typically maintain these helicopters outside, then the maintenance ladder's wheels should be designed for off-road capabilities in particular. You might want to see these wheels moving in real time too to get a better sense of their capabilities around your work shop or hangar.

Look for Guardrails That Improve Safety 

Since you'll be high up on a maintenance ladder when working on your utility-transport helicopters, you need to verify this system helps you maintain safety the entire time. That falls on the guardrails that are included on each side. 

They should be tall enough to help you stay in a safe area when standing and moving on this ladder system. The rails also should be thick and durable. Then even if you put your full weight on them, the rails will keep you from hurting yourself. 

There are a lot of maintenance tools you'll need to keep utility-transport helicopters in optimal shape. If you're looking to buy a maintenance ladder to reach different parts of these aircrafts, focus on key attributes so that you can be completely satisfied with how this maintenance equipment performs and holds up over the years. 

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