Hydrostatic Testing: Is It Time For Fire Extinguishers?

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If you keep multiple fire extinguishers in your building, you may make every effort to maintain them properly. You may even clean the outside of your extinguishers during the year. Although it's important to keep your extinguishers free of dust and cobwebs, you must also keep your extinguishers in good working order. One of the things you may need to do right now is perform hydrostatic tests on some of your extinguishers. Learn more about hydrostatic testing and why your extinguishers may need it below.

What's Hydrostatic Testing?

Many types of equipment rely on pressure to work properly, including stored pressure fire extinguishers. Stored pressure fire extinguishers require you to pull or release a pin to activate them during emergencies. If the pressure inside your extinguishers decreased over time, the devices won't contain enough gas, water, or another agent to distinguish a fire. Hydrostatic testing eliminates the worries you may have about your extinguishers' safety and performance. 

The Canadian government recommends you hydrostatic test your pressurized extinguishers every 12 years. If you already discharged your extinguishers, and the devices are over five years of age, you may need to test them sooner. The test measures the equipment's internal pressure. The internal pressure determines how quickly fire extinguishers release their agents during fires.  

Hydrostatic tests also allow you to examine the external condition of your extinguishers. Extinguishers that contain structural defects, such as dents and scrapes, may leak over time. If your equipment leaks, it may affect the pressure levels inside them.

You can obtain the hydrostatic tests you need for your fire extinguishers by contacting a testing company today. 

How Do You Schedule Your Tests?

Hydrostatic tests can take some time to complete, especially if you need to test multiple fire extinguishers. A testing company will schedule a testing time that works best for your business needs. If you need to test fire extinguishers at multiple worksites, inform a company immediately. A company can schedule appointments for all of your needs.

After a company's contractors test your equipment, they'll create a service form or log for you. The service form alerts you to any problems your extinguishers may have, such as low internal pressure. Some testing companies also fill and maintain their clients' fire extinguishers for them. If you need to refill your extinguishers' tanks or replace the equipment altogether, ask a company if they can do it for you. 

Learn more about hydrostatic testing by contacting a fire extinguisher service today.