Protecting Your Construction Site From Theft

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It seems that no matter where you go, the most common complaint associated with construction companies is that there are too many thefts on their sites. A few years ago, Vancouver saw one of the first spikes in construction site thefts sites in 2011. The number continues to rise as people look for quick ways to make money. If you are looking for some ideas on how to protect your site, consider taking some preventative measures.

Clear the Area

Some of the more common items taken from a construction site are tools and copper wiring. Before your employees leave the site, especially if it is for the weekend, make sure that they clear the area. Lock up all valuables and try not to leave anything sitting out in the open. Making this a part of the routine at night will help ensure your items are kept safe from thieves.

Beef Up Security

There are plenty of companies who offer event security that are willing to hire out their employees to watch over construction sites. The most common times to have items stolen from a site is on the weekends or at night, when the workers are not on site. Just having someone there, like a security guard, helps to deter thieves. None of these people want to get caught, so a quick way to get in and out unseen is the top criteria for a job.

Another tactic that site managers try is installing a security system on the home until the house has someone living inside. The big downside to this is that the house must have power to it in order to have a functioning system. This is the biggest reason people turn to a security guard, such as through Calgary Security Services Ltd., instead.

GPS Tracking

There are a lot of homes that are far enough along that appliances are delivered. These, along with furnaces, are common items that are stolen. The thieves most likely turn around and sell these items to other buyers who are unaware of their history. In order to protect these items, some people are placing GPS trackers on them so they can be easily tracked if stolen.

Mark all big ticket items and make sure that you have pictures or detailed descriptions to help police if you ever need to file a report. If you manage a construction site, you have probably seen at least a few thefts. The best way to fight against these thefts is to take preventative measures before they ever happen.