4 Furniture Options for Small Craft Businesses

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If you own a crafting business, then you need the right office furniture for your work. You need a cross between traditional office furniture for businesses and craft furniture for your art. What if you don't have space for both? Here are some suggestions for your new craft office when you have space limitations.

The Desk

Of course you need a work desk. The best desk for a business crafter is one that lets you work on your crafts but also makes it easy to do the business side. Choose a single desk that has a large top so you have plenty of space to work. Don't choose a desk that has shelves or drawers on the top. They take up too much room and you need that for crafting.

If you can find a desk that has drawers and shelves on the bottom, then you are good to go. Those shelves and drawers can house the craft items you use the most and the paperwork you need to run your business. You can even place your laptop on one of the shelves to keep it out of the way when you don't need it.

File Cabinet

A file cabinet is a necessity to keep track of all the paperwork with the business side of crafting. You need to keep track of sales, customers, and expenses. Luckily, a file cabinet can also be used to hold patterns, paper, vinyl, and other thin craft items you might use for your business. Choose a tall file cabinet and tuck it away in a corner of the room. Label the drawers so you know what's inside them.

Light Box

One of the most important items that a craft business owner should have is a light box. Selling your crafts online means you must have beautiful pictures of your art in order to entice people to buy it. That picture is all they have to decide if they want your item. Choose a fold-able cloth light box. These boxes open with ease and close flat so you can tuck it away when not in use. It might even fit in your file cabinet.

Stackable Storage

Craft stores sell plastic stack-able storage bins that either have lids you remove or drawers. Both work great for small spaces. Stack them up against a wall and fill them up with your craft supplies. You can also use them for office supplies. You'll notice that many of your office supplies are also useful as craft items, such as staples, rubber bands, and pens.

Your small space is now the perfect place to make crafts and run your business. Talk to resources such as Bf Workplace to find the right furniture for your small space.