3 Types Of Specialty Packing Materials

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Not everything can be packed in a box. Some items are too fragile and will be damaged when placed in a box, while others will simply not fit. There are several different types of specialty packing materials that you can purchase in order to make sure that all of your personal possessions make it safely to their new home.

1. Wardrobe Cartons

Items are stored on hangers for a reason: because they can't be folded up and put in drawers. Many people spend a great deal of money on clothing that they need for special occasions, draperies that look fantastic but should not be crumpled, and fine linens. You wouldn't fold your wedding dress into a box, so why should you fold any other special fabrics. One way to avoid doing this is to purchase a wardrobe carton. A wardrobe carton comes with a metal bar at the top that is perfect for hanging clothing and any other fabric items. The carton can either be attached to a rack or to the side of the truck in order to make sure that all of the possessions inside remain flat.

2. Mirror Boxes

An item that tends to be very fragile, and therefore difficult to move safely, is a mirror. Mirror boxes come with bubble wrap on the inside, covered with several layers of stretch packaging. The bubble wrap will be able to help absorb the shock of being jostled around in a moving van or airplane. The stretch packaging will be able to keep the wrapping securely fastened to the mirror so that it does not shift around and cause problems. By using this type of packaging, you can be sure that your mirror will not be broken during the trip.

3. Dishpacking Dividers

There are a lot of bits and pieces when it comes to packing up fine china. In order to keep track of it all and make sure that it gets to your new home safely, consider using a carton with dishpacking dividers. Dishpacking dividers are thick enough to ensure that they do not topple over and are able to keep all of the dishes separate, but also padded so that if a plate or cup should ram into the side, it will not be damaged. These dividers can also help you organize your china.

For more information on specialty packing materials that you can purchase, contact a domestic or international moving company, such as MATCO Transportation Systems, today.