3 Ways To Organize Your Food Storage Unit Effectively

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If you have a food storage system or unit, then it is important to organize it effectively so that all of the food gets used at the proper time. Here are 3 ways to organize your food storage easily and effectively.


First, you can use a standard system that is used in many restaurants to make sure that food is rotated and stored correctly. To do this, you need to use the LIFO method, which means "last in first out." 

When you organize your storage shelves, stack the cans or put them on rolling trays so that the cans will roll out in order. It is important to put the cans with the farthest expiration dates in first so that you use them first.

You can use this method with cans, dried goods, beans, and you can also use it with refrigerated goods. In a storage unit, however, you will probably only use the method for goods that are kept at room temperature, since very few storage units have refrigerators.

Shelving Systems

Second, it is really important to keep your food off of the ground so that bugs and rodents do not smell their way to your storage unit. To do this effectively, you need to use metal shelves that are lifted a few inches off of the ground.

When you store food, try to store canned goods at the bottom because the cans are less likely to have any kind of aromatic smell. Place pasta, rice, dried beans, dried fruit, and other items that are more aromatic on the upper shelves in your unit. This will greatly reduce your concern for keeping the food safe from harm.


Lastly, consider adding some sturdy containers to your shelves so that the food has an even better barrier. While it will be difficult for rodents and bigger animals to get into a locked storage unit, this does not mean that it is impossible.

In the event that an animal finds its way in, you need to have additional protection for your food. Thick storage bins made out of plastic or metal will work, but metal is the ultimate choice since animals cannot chew through metal as easily.

Make sure that all of the foods are sealed up, and then put them in the containers with lids to contain any smells that are prevalent. 

By doing these 3 things in a storage unit, such as Southbend Storage Solutions, you can rotate your food, keep it safe, and keep it in the best condition for eating whenever you need it.