5 Signs Your Computer Needs A Repair

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Computers are fascinating pieces of technology. However, they have hundreds of individual parts and sometimes unpredictable electric energy. Nonetheless, you may find yourself relying on your computer for daily use at work, at home, or for play. Whatever the use of your computer, you should be aware of these 5 warning signs that it needs repair, and call a professional to prevent it from crashing:


If you are adjusting the colors or brightness on your computer screen, then you can expect a flash or two to occur. However, in the process of ordinary usage, if you notice visual flashing, this is a sign that your computer's monitor could be malfunctioning. Be sure to get it checked by a professional specializing in computer repairs.


When your computer is healthy, it will work at its fastest speed. If you notice that your computer is taking a long time to do ordinary tasks, this is an indicator of issues that could affect your computer on a serious level. For example, the computer's memory could be low or there could be a glitch in your storage software.

Unexpected Behaviors

Today, hackers are even more sophisticated than they used to be. It is all too common for a criminal to gain access to your personal computer or even work computer. This can be done via the internet or flash drives inserted directly into your computer. Therefore, if you notice strange behavior, such as the mouse moving incorrectly or certain webpages being opened that you didn't click on, it could mean your computer has been infected with a virus.

Low Battery Life

Many computers now last for hours without being plugged into a power source. If your computer's battery is running low before the suggested time by the manufacturer, your battery could be malfunctioning or on the verge of short-circuiting.

Noises / Overheating

Modern computers tend to run relatively quietly during normal use. If you notice a constant humming or buzzing, it could mean that your fan is running on overdrive to keep up with unnatural heating. If not assessed and corrected, this issue could fry your computer's motherboard.

As digital technology becomes more ingrained in society, it is more difficult to accomplish some goals without a working computer. Whether you need to check emails, make internet phone calls, or simply love to shop and play games, it's always inconvenient and costly when your computer crashes. You can save yourself (and your wallet) the headache by consulting a professional computer technician like Datapath Support Group Inc. when any of the above 5 signs happen.