Got Your Own Canadian Spring Well? Ideas For What You Can Do Next

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Only about three percent of the world's total natural water supply is fresh water. Imagine that. This giant blue and green  marble you are spinning on has a ton of water, but it is all the wrong kind for humans. So, what happens when you discover that you have your own little Canadian Rockies artesian spring? You could horde it for yourself until the end of time. You could also do all of the following.

Bottle It and Sell It

You could definitely bottle it and sell it. Tourists and travelers alike would enjoy having more water along with them as they spend time camping in Canada's wilderness or taking day hikes. Set up a roadside stand to sell the water, and you have it made.

Go Commercial

If the water is really good and really pure, why not go commercial with it? Think of all the French imported waters from the Alps or artesian wells that have gone commercial and make a ton of money. You would be set for life. 

Give Your Well a Name and Personalized Water Bottle Labels Too

If you do decide to sell the well water commercially, make sure you give your well and your water company a name. Then order a ton of personalized water bottle labels to go with the name and the well. Now you are ready to set up shop, so to speak, and sell a lot of litres of water!

Start Shopping for Partner Companies or Financial Backers

You cannot peddle water or any other product if you do not have money to back production. If you partner with a company that already bottles other bottled drinks, then you may be able to bargain with them to bottle your spring water, with your custom labeled bottles, and ship it to markets for you. Cut them in for a piece of the profits, but be sure to make the contracted arrangement airtight.

Open a Business Account to Collect Profits

As your bottled water goes out, you will get paychecks coming in. Make sure you have a business account into which this money can be deposited. Repay your financial backers or your partners out of the same account, and make sure you pay yourself, too. 

Of course, these are all ideas. Nobody said you have to do any of the above. It is your well, but it could vanquish the thirst of millions while making you a millionaire. Think about it. For more information, contact companies like Great Canadian Water Company.