Your Company's Crosswalk: What To Consider

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There may be a few buildings or a complex on the property owned by your company. This allows employees to get work done on one site and there are likely to be people passing from one building to the next each day. Cars and delivery trucks may also pass on the roads in the area, so developing pedestrian crosswalk systems may make sense. These systems can keep everyone safe and decrease the chances of accidents and injuries. Consider these crosswalk issues as you determine how best to implement them.

High Traffic Areas

Placement of these systems needs to be thought about rather seriously. You want to increase safety, but you also need to ensure that you don't create that much more vehicle traffic by preventing vehicles from crossing through with too many lights and signs. You may want to commission a traffic analysis study for the entire property; this allows you and others to identify the highest traffic areas. Then you can talk about installing crosswalk systems at those spots.

Manual and Automatic Controls

Crosswalk systems can be both manually and automatically controlled. To help pedestrians during work hours, you might set the system to work without interference from humans, stopping and starting traffic at specific intervals. However, on weekends or holidays when fewer or no employees will be around, it's wise to increase the intervals manually. This will preserve the entire system and conserve energy, as the system won't be displaying different lights and signals when there's no one to see them.


Over time, any poles and signs erected will need a critical eye to see if they need to be secured to their spot or replaced. You should keep maintenance costs in the back of your mind so that if a sensor stops working, you can easily replace or repair it. Periodic inspections could be effective.

Insurance Costs

Luckily, it's possible that your company's insurance costs could start to slide down because of your attention to crosswalks. These systems enhance safety for both drivers and pedestrians, so it's natural that you could see a dip in your premium. Discuss your property with an insurance agent who can assist you in finding insurance savings. Saved money can then be spent on other business-related expenses or saved for maintenance costs on your crosswalk systems as needed.

Talk with traffic and crosswalk system company like Lanelight about your property. They can advise you and the decisions you make for your site.