Three Ways Infrared Home Inspections Can Save You Money Over Time

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There are many methods for performing a home inspection to identify problems already present or problems in the works. One of these methods is infrared thermal imaging, which can identify energy loss, moisture, and hot spots present in your home.

Energy Losses

One of the best ways that infrared home inspections can save you money is by showing you where home energy is being lost over time. For example, these inspections can show you where air conditioner leaks increase the amount of energy needed to cool your home or where window panes aren't connected properly enough to seal heat or cold air. Identifying these sources of energy leaks can help you make your home's heating and cooling system more efficient, which means you can use it less often. You may be able to save up to 25% of your home energy bill just by identifying these energy losses. An infrared home inspection can help.

Moisture Issues

Fixing mold and other moisture issues that can occur over time is one of the best reasons to use an infrared house inspection, as these inspections can identify where moisture is collecting over time. For example, they can identify places where wet insulation is not only affecting your heating costs but also presents a risk of developing mold. Plumbing leaks can be detected, which can be especially helpful around wood floors or under concrete. These issues, among others where liquids collect or pool, can cost you greatly over time if they are not identified and fixed. An infrared house inspection can identify these issues for you with ease. 

Hot Spots

Finally, one important way that infrared home inspections can save you money over time is by identifying hot spots present in the house. These hot spots can be because of damaged circuit breakers, overheated electrical units, and other issues that can lead to a fire. Preventing a house fire is always less expensive than having one, even if the damage is minimal once you count repairing damaged drywall, material objects, insulation, and the costs of calling the fire department. Identifying these hot spots can save you both money, stress, and grief in the long run, and infrared home inspections can do it with ease.

If you are in need of a house or home inspection, consider hiring an infrared thermal imaging inspection service. They can identify issues that would lead to money drains down the line, such as energy loss, water issues, and even fire-producing hot spots.