Reap The Benefits: Why You Should Become A Preferred Customer

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If you use a company's products, you owe it to yourself to become one of their preferred customers. You might not think you have much to gain from becoming a preferred customer, but that's not the case. When you become a preferred customer, you get to take advantage of perks that aren't available to anyone else. Before you pass up the opportunity to become a preferred customer, read the list provided below. Here are four of the perks some companies offer. 

Save Money on Shipping

When you order your products through the mail, you expect to pay shipping costs. Unfortunately, shipping costs can get expensive, especially on big orders, which is why you need to become a preferred customer. Once you're a preferred customer, you may save money on your shipping. In fact, when you place those big orders, you'll often enjoy free shipping, which means you can order more products. 

Participate in Exclusive Promotions

If you like trying new products or taking part in exclusive sales promotions, now's the time to join the preferred customer club. Many companies provide their preferred customers with opportunities to participate in exclusive promotions throughout the year. These promotions aren't open to anyone else, which means the only way you can take advantage of these opportunities is to be a preferred customer. 

Enjoy Free Gifts With Your Purchases

If you're like most people, you like to receive free gifts, especially when they're unexpected. When you join the preferred customer club, you'll have the chance to receive free gifts each time you place an order. That means the packages you receive could contain gifts that you weren't expecting. The more orders you place, the better your chances of being selected for a free gift. 

Get Points for Every Purchase You Make

If you enjoy saving up for special perks or money-saving opportunities, join a preferred customer program. Preferred customer members earn bonus points with each purchase they make. Once you become a member, you'll start earning those points too. The more points you earn, the more money you can save on orders you place later on. Not only that, but you can earn points for referring other members to the program.

Don't miss out on great opportunities. If you haven't become a preferred customer, now's the time to that. When you become a preferred customer, you'll save money, and earn perks, on the products you know and trust. Look for opportunities like the Amsoil preferred customer program to find a membership that would work for you.